Trending September 2023 # Wsappx: What Is It &Amp; How To Fix Its High Cpu Usage # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Wsappx: What Is It &Amp; How To Fix Its High Cpu Usage # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Wsappx: What is it & How to Fix its High CPU Usage You might need to reinstall Microsoft Store to fix this issue




If Wsappx is registering high CPU usage on your PC, it might be because of an outdated OS.

A quick and effective way to fix this issue is to perform a full malware scan.

Another effective solution is to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Store app.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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readers this month.

Wsappx is an essential service on Windows PC that is important in the smooth running of the Microsoft Store. However, some users are complaining that Wsappx is registering high CPU usage for some reason.

This is even more baffling, as it consumes the PC resources with the Microsoft Store running. Thankfully, this high CPU usage issue can be fixed quickly, and we will show you how to go about it in this guide.

What is Wsappx?

Wsappx is a vital service used by your PC to control the activities of the Windows Store. This process helps the Windows Store to carry out the installation, update, and removal of apps.

Wsappx has two sub-processes: Client License Service (ClipSVC) and AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC). ClipSVC is responsible for licensing and protecting the Windows Store apps against piracy.

AppXSVC, on the other hand, takes care of the deployment of apps. Hence, the Wsappx process helps to keep the Microsoft Store working as it should.

Why is Wsappx taking so much CPU?

Below are some of the reasons Wsappx registers high CPU usage on your PC:

Presence of malware: Viruses can disguise as theWsappx process on your PC to consume its resources. In this case, you need to scan for malware with Microsoft Defender or top-notch antivirus software.

Outdated PC: An outdated operating system is another known cause of this issue. This can cause the Windows Store app to misbehave, leading to a spike in your CPU usage. Again, you can fix this by updating your PC.

Issues with Windows Store: In some cases, this issue might occur because the Windows Store ran into a problem. The solution is to disable the Store app or uninstall and reinstall it.

How do I fix Wsappx’s high CPU usage? 1. Scan for malware

If you want to perform a deeper scan to fix the Wsappx high CPU usage, we recommend using a third-party antivirus in ESET NOD32. This software digs deep into your PC to eliminate even the most hidden malware.

Also, it takes a no-nonsense stand against viruses and detects and removes them before they can harm your PC. ESET NOD32 might just be all you need to keep your PC secure online and offline.

⇒ Get ESET NOD32

Windows updates are essential for keeping the apps and processes on your PC running smoothly. Hence, if your PC is outdated, Wsappx might register high CPU usage.

The quickest way out of this is to update your PC to the latest version.

Sometimes, the Wsappx high CPU usage issue can be because the Microsoft Store is trying to update apps in the background. Therefore, you need to disable this feature to control the Store app resource usage.

4. Disable Windows Store

After doing this, you should restart your PC and check if the issue persists.

5. Reinstall Windows Store

That is all there is to fix the Wsappx high CPU usage issue. We believe you have everything you need to fix this issue in this guide, and you only need to follow the steps therein carefully.

If you are facing other issues, like Service Host SysMain High Disk Usage on your PC, check our detailed guide to fix it quickly.

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