Trending September 2023 # Windows 7 Randomly Shuts Down: 7 Ways To Fix It For Good # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Windows 7 Randomly Shuts Down: 7 Ways To Fix It For Good # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Windows 7 Randomly Shuts Down: 7 Ways to Fix It For Good Random shutdowns in Windows 7 may be caused by overheating




Sometimes, the system randomly shutdown in Windows 7, often caused by power supply problems or BIOS issues.

This can be easily resolved by updating the OS or by turning off the Fast Startup option.



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Sometimes, your Windows 7 computer may shut down randomly. This can be frustrating, as you may lose unsaved work or even have to restart your computer while doing something important.

If your system shuts down when you are gaming, and you are curious that it is not overheated, check our computer shutting down while gaming guide.

What are the causes of Windows 7 randomly shutting down?

Whenever a system randomly turns off, all the work in progress is lost, which can be frustrating. Several issues can lead to a system turning off without any warning.

With randomly shutting down, if you are facing the issue of your system freezing and then restarting, then you should check our guide to resolve the computer keeps freezing and restarting.

The most common causes of Windows 7 shutting down randomly are:

Overheating – When the temperature of the CPU or GPU goes beyond its safe limit, it can cause the system to turn off automatically to prevent any damage.

Power supply issues – If the power supply is not providing enough power or if it is not stable, it can cause the system to turn off randomly.

Software issues – In some cases, software issues can lead to a system shutting down randomly. This can be due to a buggy driver or a faulty third-party application.

BIOS issues – If the BIOS is not configured properly or is outdated, it can cause the system to turn off randomly.

Now that we know the causes of Windows 7 shutting down randomly, let us look at some ways to fix it.

What can I do if Windows 7 randomly shuts down?

Before we move toward detailed solutions, let’s try some quick fixes:

Ensure the cooling vents are not blocked, and the fan is working properly because overheating is one of the major causes.

Check the power supply and ensure that it is plugged in correctly.

Try restarting your computer because sometimes a simple restart can fix the issue.

After applying the above quick preliminary checks, try the below-detailed solutions if your computer still shuts down randomly.

1. Turn off Fast Startup

If you are using Windows 11 and facing the same problem, then you can check this guide to turn off Fast Startup in Windows 11.

2. Disable automatic restart on system failure

Along with the random shutdown problem, sometimes, if your system restarts randomly, then here is a guide to solve my computer restarts unexpectedly.

Outdated drivers can create many problems in the system, and it can also lead to a system shutting down randomly. So, make sure that you have updated your display adapter drivers.

Expert tip:

Besides updating your outdated display adapters drivers manually, we suggest you try an automated tool, like Outbyte Driver Updater, to help you.

Prevent system errors by letting Outbyte Driver Updater help you locate the latest updates for all your outdated drivers.

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4. Scan your computer for viruses

Once the scanning is complete, all malware is deleted. Hopefully, your problem will be resolved too.

In case your Windows Defender is not scanning your system. Then, check our complete guide on Windows Defender won’t scan on Windows.

Once the process is completed, your Windows will be updated to the latest version, and the problem will be rectified. Do not hesitate to check our guide if your Windows won’t update.

6. Disable Startup programs 7. Edit the Power plan

If the laptop shuts down randomly when not overheating, your power settings could be the underlying cause, and reconfiguring them should do the trick.

Can CPU cause sudden shutdown?

Yes, the CPU can cause a sudden shutdown, given that it powers the computer, quite literally. A drastic fall in the power supply or hardware issues with the CPU can all be responsible even when the PC shuts down automatically after a few minutes.

Regarding the overheating problem, the CPU bears the maximum brunt, and modern-day computers are configured to shut down when the temperature reaches a certain threshold automatically.

If you are using a firewall and firewall notifications are bothering you, and you want to disable them, check our guide on how to disable firewall notifications.

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