Trending September 2023 # Top 6 Microsoft Office Application Of Desktop # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Top 6 Microsoft Office Application Of Desktop # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Microsoft Office Applications

The initial version of MS Office only comprised a few applications, including MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint. However, other new applications, such as MS Access and Outlook, were added to the suite over time. Microsoft has also been developing Office Business Applications specifically to provide a platform for business owners. MS Office is installed on Microsoft Operating System computers and Mac Computers, iOS, and Android OS. In addition, you can also get Office Online which is a web-based application for the Office.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a set of vital applications primarily known as Office Suite, which Microsoft has designed to smoothly and easily carry out different office tasks. Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, first launched it on August 1, 1988at COMDEX in Las Vegas, US. Four years ago, the users of MS Office had already crossed over one billion worldwide and were steadfastly growing with time. Whenever you buy a new desktop computer or a laptop, you will find that MS Office is already preinstalled in it most of the time. Recently, Microsoft launched its latest desktop version, Office 2023, for Windows and OS X on September 22 and July 9, 2023.

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Top 6 Microsoft Office Applications of Desktop #1 Microsoft Office Word

Out of all the different components, the Microsoft Word Processor is the most common and widely used application throughout the world. You can easily open the application on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Microsoft Office Word first came into existence in 1983, initially for the MS-DOS OS. That was after adding the mouse to the keyword, although it was unnecessary. People could buy Word 1.0 with a bundled mouse. The word for MAC OS was introduced a couple of years later, in 1985.

#2 Microsoft Office Excel

#3 Microsoft Office PowerPoint

The introduction of Microsoft Office PowerPoint has made presentations very simple. Thus, it is a presentation of Microsoft Office programs. With the help of the Microsoft Office Application, you can design creative and engaging slides by adding text, graphics, and other files such as images and videos. You can decorate the slides, make them colorful, and just put up a nice presentation to showcase your portfolio or sample in front of a client.

#4 Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is another important and useful program that contains several vital features such as a client calendar, address book, e-mail, and task manager. However, it is different from Outlook Express, so do not assume both to be the same. Its main purpose is Windows Messaging.

#5 Microsoft Office OneNote

Microsoft Office OneNote is a free unique program where you can easily gather all personal information, such as bank account details, financial deals, and medical details, and store it safely. In addition, you can also note down small details and information about events and meetings. These notes can be typed or handwritten. This new feature has been recently added from the 2007 version and was not there in Microsoft 2003. You will also find this important application on your Windows and iOS phones.

#6 Microsoft Office Access

Microsoft Office Access is a database management system that acts as a merger of Microsoft Jet Database Engine and Graphical User Interface (GUI) and software developing applications. It can store the data in its configuration. It can connect you with data from other applications.

Some Other Extensively Used Microsoft Office Programs

The above-discussed applications are among the most popular Microsoft Office Programs. These are as follows-


Most of you must be familiar with Skype, which has become exceedingly popular as a communication source related to business or personal interaction. You can video chat with a person face to face, even if they are in another country or continent. You have to call the person and open your web camera to see the person on your screen. This means you do not have to spend heavily on your international calls.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Share Point Designer

Microsoft Office programs used as HTML editors for Windows develop the share point for the websites. You can download this application for free.

Microsoft Project

As the name suggests, it is a project management Microsoft Office Program that can help develop Network and Grant charts. You can also keep a track record of the projects.

Smartphone Applications offered by Microsoft

Microsoft effectively provides some useful smartphone apps, specifically for office purposes. You can easily access them while you are not at your workplace. A few of them include-

Office Remote

With the help of this unique app, you can convert your mobile phone into a remote control for the desktop versions of Word, Excel, and so on.

Office Lens

This application is mainly useful for scanning images. First, you need to take a picture of the document or image through your mobile camera and then straighten the image. You can copy a file or image and paste it into the Word doc, Microsoft Office Excel sheet, and other desktop applications.

Now the Server Microsoft Office Applications

Microsoft offers some server applications in their Office version. These include-

Microsoft Search Server

InfoPath Form Services

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Lync Server

Excel Services

Microsoft Project Server

The Chronological Versions for the Windows

The history of the Microsoft Office Application takes us back to 1990 when the introduction of three different applications for Windows 3.0 took place. It included Microsoft Office Excel, MS Word, and c of versions 2.0, 1.1, and 2.0, respectively. However, MS Office 1.5 was later launched, which updated the set with Microsoft Office Excel 3.0.

Microsoft Office Applications 3.0

Microsoft Office 3.0 was brought to the forefront in August 1992. Therefore, it is also popular as Microsoft Office 92. It had all the major office applications such as Word 2.0, Excel, 4.0, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 3.0, etc. The buyer could purchase it on the CD-ROM. A year later, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Office Professional with additional features like Microsoft Access 1.1.

Microsoft Office Applications 4.0

Microsoft Office Applications 1995

Microsoft Office 1995 came into existence in August 1995. The company also released its logo in the same year as Office 95. It was later useful in Office 97, 2000, and XP. Here, the version of every application raised to 7.0, making it a full 32-bit version. It was available in twin versions- Office 95 Standard and Office 95 Professional. The only dissimilarity between the two was that the 95 Professional contained an additional Microsoft Access 7.0 that was not present in the Standard version. This Operating System was also available on a CD.

Microsoft Office Applications 1997

Microsoft Office Applications 2000

Microsoft Office 2000 came up with a more updated version of 9.0. It had adaptive menus and more options for the users. For the first time, Microsoft Company took a significant step by introducing the digital signature to eliminate the security threats related to large-scale viruses.

Microsoft Office Applications 2002 or XP

Microsoft Office Applications 2003

As time passed, Microsoft kept launching newer and faster versions of the MS Office, and the Microsoft Office 2003 was the next in this series. The version with a new logo had two new applications added to the suite. They were Microsoft Office Onenote and InfoPath. MS Outlook was more functional, making the users’ tasks much easier. It also brought Windows XP-style icons.

Microsoft Office Applications 2007

Microsoft Office Applications 2010

The Microsoft Office 2010 is the 14.0 version of the MS Office. The logo is similar to the 2007 Office with a subtle difference. It provides many new features, such as collaboration of the tools, customizable ribbons, backstage file menus, and much more. It is available in both variants- 32 and 64-bit.

Microsoft Office Application 2013

The version was released in January 2012, and its interface is based on Metro, similar to Windows Phone and Windows 8. It provides a different visualization with more modernized Microsoft Office PowerPoint and MS Outlook features. Not only that, but other applications have also undergone an emphatic transformation.

Microsoft Office Applications 2023

This is the newest version of Microsoft Office, which has been recently launched last year only in January 2023. However, it is in the process of development.

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