Trending September 2023 # Steam Uninstalls Games Automatically? 4 Ways To Stop It # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Steam Uninstalls Games Automatically? 4 Ways To Stop It # Suggested October 2023 # Top 14 Popular

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Steam Uninstalls Games Automatically? 4 Ways to Stop it Adding a new Steam library folder should help




Several of our readers have complained that Steam is automatically uninstalling their games for no apparent reason.

This issue mostly happens if the game’s files become corrupt or get deleted altogether.

Adding the location of the game folder to the Steam library usually resolves the problem.



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Steam is a popular gaming platform amongst Windows users owing to the ease of use it offers to download install and enjoy the game experience. 

Unfortunately, there have been several reports that several of the Steam games have suddenly been uninstalled and cannot be accessed from within the Steam app anymore. While the error is quite daunting in itself, it can be easily fixed in a few steps. 

Why Steam automatically uninstalled my games? 

Several of the Steam games on your Windows PC may no longer be accessible for the following reasons: 

Corrupt or broken game files – If the game files become corrupt for some reason (Steam error code 7), Steam cannot recognize them anymore and hence makes them uninstalled. 

The game files are present in a different location – There is a chance that the game in question is present in a different Steam library folder than the one Steam is accessing. 

Overreactive antivirus software – In several scenarios, a third-party antivirus may become too overreactive and may interfere with or even delete the game files citing security reasons. 

Power outage and abruptly closing the Steam app – During a sudden power outage or forced closing of the Steam app when the information is being written on the disk drive corrupts the game files and installation folder.

Now that you know why Steam seems to automatically uninstall your games, let’s check out what should be your course of action in this situation. 

How do I prevent Steam from uninstalling games automatically?  1. Check the game files integrity

If the installation files of a game get deleted or corrupt, they may be considered uninstalled by the Steam app. Verifying the integrity of the game files will help determine if some files are missing and may also repair the broken files preventing Steam from uninstalling the games automatically from Windows. 

2. Add a new Steam library folder 

Expert tip:

3. Modify the Appmanifest File

There are chances that a virus or malware may have altered or deleted the appmanifest files present in the Steam installation folder. Since the folder includes the location and path information of the games. 

4. Run the Game’s executable file from the Steam folder

Launching the uninstalled game directly from the file explorer has effectively resolved the issue for several Steam users. Hence, you should give it a try. 

We are hopeful that this troubleshooting guide has proved helpful in the situation when Steam automatically uninstalls the games such that you cannot access them. 

In case you are unable to access the Steam shared library as it is locked, refer to this guide for help.

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