Trending September 2023 # Learn How To Do Crop In Gimp With Important Aspect? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Learn How To Do Crop In Gimp With Important Aspect? # Suggested October 2023 # Top 13 Popular

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Introduction to GIMP Crop

The crop is used for cutting your desired area from any image or deletes unwanted area from your image by using the Crop tool of GIMP, or we can also do cropping of the area by using some of the options of a different menu of the menu bar of GIMP software. We need to crop our image because most of the time, we haven’t got the desired perspective of our image during its shot, or there may be some other minor faults. We can also go with the crop tool for doing other manipulation work of image in GIMP. So let us have a look at these features and parameters of the crop tool.

How to do Crop in GIMP?

We can do crop in gimp by using crop tool as well as some options of Image menu of the menu bar. We will understand both of them one by one in this article. So for starting our learning, let us have an image which we want to crop according to us.

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Now choose your desired image, which you want to crop from this dialog box and hit on Open button once you choose it.

I will choose this beautiful model image. You can identify the Crop tool with this icon in the Tool panel of gimp, which is on the left side of the user screen. You can also press Shift + C as short cut key for this tool.

When you release the mouse button after dragging this selection box, the area beyond this box will become less visible or has less opacity value, and that will be deleted after cropping.

Hit Enter button on the keyboard for applying crop, and it will crop your selected area like this.

Now let us understand the parameters of the crop tool for getting better knowledge about this tool. These are some parameters of this tool.

Create a layer filled with any color. I will fill it with white color.

Go to the Layers panel and place it below to image layer.

But if you don’t want to crop other layers with your selected layer, then enable the ‘Current layer only’ option in the parameters section of this tool.

And now, this time, it only cropped your selected layer like this. You can see below the layer is not cropped below to image layer with the white fill color.

Now let us move to another option of the parameters section, which is ‘Delete Cropped pixels, ’ which means it will delete an extra area of canvas after cropping your images.

Now crop this image again by enabling this option, and it will delete extra space after cropping like this.

Make a selection with the crop tool, and by enabling this option, you will have an increased canvas area according to your selection beyond the image area.

Hit enter button on the keyboard for seeing its effect. There is an extra canvas area added on the left side of the image. You can fill it with any color or pattern for making good use of it.

The next option is for having your desired size of crop selection box for croping the exact desired size of your image. Please select the size option from the list and enable it.

And give the value of size according to your requirement. I will give 2000 x 2000 pixels as values as the size of the selection box of crop tool and got this time of the accurate size of crop tool selection box.

From the ‘Highlight opacity’ option, you can increase or decrease the opacity of area beyond the selection box of the Crop tool by increasing or decreasing its value on the slider.

You can also have guidelines on the selection box of crop tool if you want. You can choose any type of guide from this list. For example, if I choose Centerlines , it will give horizontal and vertical lines at the center of the selection box.

And it will crop your canvas according to the area of your image size.

Now take the Rectangle Select tool and select any area on an image like this.

Hit the delete button of a keyboard for deleting this selected area.

And it will join the two separate part of the image like this.

These were all important parameters and features of the Crop tool of gimp.


Here in this article today, we discussed some of the important aspects of the Crop tool, and now you can easily understand its mechanism for having a good command of it. You can start using this tool of gimp for making your image manipulation work easy.

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