Trending September 2023 # Jobs And Positions Of Databricks Careers With Salary # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Jobs And Positions Of Databricks Careers With Salary # Suggested October 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Databricks Careers

Databricks Careers is a platform that brings data teams together with their data to collaborate better, innovate faster, and solve the toughest problems in the world. Out of all the companies, thousands of companies in each industry, each type of geography, and every business size depend on Databricks, which helps tackle challenges from fraud prevention to the climatic changes that occur to the groundbreaking treatments for Cancer. Hence, Databricks Careers are the most inspirational to propel further growth in the next chapter of careers.

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Databricks Careers Jobs and Positions

Databricks is under a recruitment mission and needs resources to solve the most challenging problems. Has been recruiting in many locations such as APAC, Canada, LATAM, Europe, United States, and Europe.

The postings available are categorized further into various Departments; let us look into the postings Department-wise.

1. Customer Success

Customer Success Engineers have 24 openings as of today across the globe.

Customer Success Operations have a single opening designated as CS Strategy Operations Manager in London, United Kingdom.

The office of the CCO Team has seven openings as of today across the globe.

Renewals have two openings of the same designation, i.e., Renewals Manager, one being Remote in the United States and the other in London, United Kingdom.

Support has 14 Openings; some are for Night Shift and are primarily present in Bangalore.

There are three other sub-departments, i.e., Education and Training, Resident Solutions Architects, and Support Engineering, which currently have no openings.

2. Engineering: This department has 51 openings across the globe

The product Security sub-department has no openings as of now.

3. Executive recruiting has four jobs in San Francisco, one being remote

4. Field engineering department has 62 jobs in total around the globe

Field Engineering Partner, Scale, Specialists, Field CTOs, Strategy & Ops has nine vacancies, out of which two vacancies are for Remote in the United States.

5. G & A

The administration has a Vacancy for Real Estate & Workplace Manager in Singapore.

Corporate operations have vacancies for Senior Change Management Lead in San Francisco, California, as Remote.

Finance has 12 vacancies for various positions around the globe.

Legal has three vacancies, out of which 2 are Remote locations.

People have two vacancies in San Francisco with Designations as People Operations Specialist and Talent Management Director.

Compensation & Benefits has two vacancies: Senior Compensation Analyst and Sr. Benefits Analyst.

People Operations has a single Senior Global Mobility Specialist in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Recruiting has three vacancies, out of which one is Remote in the United States.

Learning & Development has no Vacancies as of now.

6. In the IT department, there are 15 job positions available all over the world

AMER Regional has a single opening for Social Media, Blog, and Content Contractor in the United States as Remote.

There are no vacancies for APAC Corporate, Corporate Marketing, Demand Generation, Developer Relations, EMEA Regional, Marketing Operations, Partner Marketing, Product Marketing, and Web Marketing.

8. Product department has 24 vacancies across the globe

9. Professional service department has 24 available jobs across the globe, out of which two vacancies are for remote from the United States

Professional service operations have two vacancies, both Remote from the United States, in San Francisco, California.

10. Sales

Business Development has seven vacancies across the globe.

Cloud Sales have five vacancies across the globe.

Commercial & Mid-Market Sales have 16 different vacancies across the globe.

Enterprise Sales have 43 vacancies, of which five are Remote from various locations.

Go To Market has a single Remote opening from the United States.

Sales Development has 21 different vacancies across the globe.

Sales Operations has nine openings, out of which six are Remote from various locations.

Value Acceleration has four job vacancies, out of which two are Remote from San Francisco and Chicago.

Azure Sales, HQ Management, Public Sector Sales, Sales Performance, Solution Architect, and Solutions Engineer have no job openings.

11. Security department has 14 job vacancies across the globe

12. University recruiting department has no jobs available at present

Databricks Careers Salary

Below are a few of the average salaries mentioned for some designations:

IT Support Specialists has an average of 9 Lakh per year.

Spark Developer has an average of 24-26 Lakh per year.

Data Engineer has an average of 5 Lakh per year.

Data Scientist has an average of 16-18 Lakh per year.

Associate Technical Solutions Engineer averages 11-12 Lakh per year.

Associate Cloud Solution Engineer averages 16-17 Lakh per year.

Senior Resident Solutions Engineer averages 27-29 Lakh per year.

Senior Solutions Engineer has an average of 21-23 Lakh per year.

Senior TSE has an average of 25-27 Lakh per year.

Solution Architect has an average of 49-54 Lakh per year.

Databricks Careers University Recruiting

Databricks University Recruiting helps to start a career at Databricks and helps solve the most challenging problems with the help of data teams. No such University recruitment is currently going on, so refer to the Databricks website for more information.

Regarding Student Internships and College graduation Opportunities, Databricks is committed to learning and Development at each level. It is hence essential to recruit and develop next-generation Databricks resources as leaders. This program ensures interns and college graduates play an integral part in the Development and participate in fun events to get to know each other.

Internships and full-time opportunities are offered to Interns in San Francisco and Amsterdam. They are integrated full-time and work on projects which impact the customers more.


With this, we shall conclude the topic “Databricks Careers.” We have seen what exactly Databricks Careers mean, and the available Career opportunities and the positions as of today are listed above. Also, the salary of a few designations at Databricks is discussed; pay depends on no. of years of experience and the Skillset for the particular designation. We have also gone through University Recruiting, which is done by Databricks at the College Grad level, like internships or full-time opportunities.

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