Trending September 2023 # Installer Encountered An Error 0X800F0905: Solved # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Installer Encountered An Error 0X800F0905: Solved # Suggested October 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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The installer encountered an error 0x800f0905 issue could appear due to corrupt system files, misconfigured settings, or a slow PC, amongst other issues.

To start the fixing process, run the dedicated troubleshooter, restore the system, or perform an in-place upgrade.

Read on to find out all the possible solutions for the Windows Update standalone installer error 0x800f0905.



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Anyone somewhat acquainted with Windows’s functioning knows how important it is to keep it up-to-date. But, several users have reported that the installer encountered an error 0x800f0905 while updating Windows.

When unable to update to the latest version, you don’t just lose out on several new features; it also affects the system’s performance and leaves it open to all sorts of security threats. So, let’s find out how to fix the 0x800f0905 Windows Update error on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

What does 0x800f0905 mean?

The Installer encountered an error 0x800f0905 message indicating the operating system’s inability to install the requested updates. Unfortunately, the error is quite persistent and not easily fixable.

There are a bunch of reasons behind the 0x800f0905 error encountered by the installer, and we have listed the most prominent ones below:

Corrupt system files – If your computer has corrupt system files, it’s likely to lead to several issues, including Windows Update errors.

Problems with Windows Update components – In some cases, users reported issues with the WU components, and resetting the Windows Update components did the trick.

Misconfigured settings – You may receive the error message if the update or network settings are misconfigured.

Third-party applications – Several third-party applications are known to conflict with the update process and throw errors. The simplest solution, in case of the Installer encountered an error 0x800f0905 message, is to uninstall the problematic app.

How can I fix Installer encountered an error 0x800f0905?

Before we walk you through the slightly complex solutions, here are a few simple ones:

Disable any third-party antivirus, security software, or firewall installed on the computer.

If you have a VPN connection set up, disable it and use the regular connection to install the Windows update.

If that’s the case with you, the following solutions should get things up and running.

Alternatively, you can try dedicated third-party repair software to automatically fix Windows Update-related errors.

4. Now, type/paste the following commands to stop the BITS and Windows update service, and hit Enter after each to execute them:

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

5. Next, enter the following command to delete the qmgr*.dat files:Del “%ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataMicrosoftNetworkDownloaderqmgr*.dat”

6. Now, enter the following commands to rename some critical folders:

Ren %Systemroot%SoftwareDistributionDataStore DataStore.bak

Ren %Systemroot%SoftwareDistributionDownload Download.bak

Ren %Systemroot%System32catroot2 catroot2.bak

If this is your first attempt at resetting Windows Update components, skip this step.

7. Paste the following commands and hit Enter to reset the BITS and Windows Update services:



8. Next, paste the following command and hit Enter:cd /d %windir%system32

9. You will now have to execute each of the following commands to reregister the BITS and Windows Update files to fix the 0x800f0905 error encountered by the installer:

regsvr32.exe atl.dll

regsvr32.exe scrrun.dll

regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll

regsvr32.exe msxml6.dll

regsvr32.exe actxprxy.dll

regsvr32.exe softpub.dll

regsvr32.exe wintrust.dll

regsvr32.exe dssenh.dll

regsvr32.exe rsaenh.dll

regsvr32.exe gpkcsp.dll

regsvr32.exe sccbase.dll

regsvr32.exe slbcsp.dll

regsvr32.exe cryptdlg.dll

regsvr32.exe oleaut32.dll

regsvr32.exe ole32.dll

regsvr32.exe shell32.dll

regsvr32.exe initpki.dll

regsvr32.exe wuapi.dll

regsvr32.exe wuaueng.dll

regsvr32.exe wuaueng1.dll

regsvr32.exe wucltui.dll

regsvr32.exe wups.dll

regsvr32.exe wups2.dll

regsvr32.exe wuweb.dll

regsvr32.exe qmgr.dll

regsvr32.exe qmgrprxy.dll

regsvr32.exe chúng tôi muweb.dll

regsvr32.exe wuwebv.dll

10. Execute the following command to reset Winsock: netsh winsock reset

11. Finally, execute these commands to restart the BITS and Windows Update service:

net start bits

net start wuauserv

Resetting the Windows Update components is one of the best fixes for any issues related to updating the OS.

Though the process is slightly longer, it’s known to eliminate the install error – 0x800f0905 encountered by installer in Windows for a lot of users.

3. Perform a system restore

System restore takes your computer back to a state where the error didn’t exist altogether. For example, say it’s misconfigured settings or a conflicting application causing the error, and restoring the system works perfectly here.

After manually downloading and installing the Windows update, the 0x800f0905 error encountered by the installer should be eliminated.

5. Perform an in-place upgrade

That’s it! If none of the previous methods worked, performing an in-place upgrade should most certainly get things up and running when receiving the Installer encountered an error 0x800f0905 message.

If it still doesn’t work, you can factory reset Windows 11 or even roll back to Windows 10.

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