Trending September 2023 # How To Use Siri Shortcuts On Spotify # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Use Siri Shortcuts On Spotify # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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How to Use Siri Shortcuts on Spotify

We all know about Spotify being one of the most popular music platforms because of the simple user interface & the sea-of-available-tracks. Now just imagine you are accessing these millions of songs from different artists with Siri shortcuts on your device. Because now that company has announced that you can use Siri shortcuts for Spotify, navigating through the app has become easier. So without further ado, let’s check out the different Spotify Siri shortcuts & start accessing the app in a whole new way:

How to Install Spotify Siri Shortcut App & Create Siri Shortcuts

In order to use the Siri Spotify shortcuts, first we would need to create a Siri shortcut for Spotify only. Because right now, you can use Siri to open up the Spotify app just like any other app. So let’s install the Siri Shortcut app on your device & create Siri Spotify Shortcut with below steps:

2. Install the Shortcuts app & open it on your device.

5. Tap on the Record icon on the Shortcuts App & start recording your initial Siri command (phrase).

6. Have a different phase like Play Spotify/Run Spotify/Spotify Siri or Siri Spotify so that it’s easily identifiable.

7. Finish the process & next time, wherever you activate Siri, just say the phrase you used for playing tracks on Spotify. Shoot with the track you want to play & Siri automatically will take the process ahead.

You are all set to use Siri Shortcuts on the Spotify app that won’t require using iPhone keypad at all.

How to Use Siri Shortcuts on Spotify

If Siri Shortcuts App has been installed on the device as you expected (above process), check out the steps to use Siri Shortcuts on Spotify App:

1. Activate the Siri on your device & speak out the command you created as Spotify Siri Shortcut.

2. When Siri takes the command, a Dictation box will appear on the screen. Simply speak the name of the song or the artist you want to listen to the songs of.

3. The next step would be Spotify navigating through the app for your command & play the track you gave command for. Simple as that.

Additional Siri Spotify Shortcuts

If you can install the Shortcuts App & use it to create shortcuts as simple as opening an app, you can use the same app for creating additional shortcuts.

For example, listening to any of the specific artists or a particular album where you can get access to many songs from the same album or the same artist.

Please know that Shortcuts App is seamlessly working on iOS12 or later version, however, what if you are using an older version of iOS before iOS12.

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What If You Are Using an Older Version of iOS?

The above method of using Siri Shortcut on Spotify can be accessed on iOS version 12 or later on. There has to be something that can give a bit of taste of using Spotify via Siri on older iOS versions as well. Obviously, there will be a few limitations, however, you can play the tracks you want with below steps:

1. Open Settings on your Apple device (the process involves setting up Siri to play Spotify tracks)

2. Find out the Spotify App option in Settings & tap on it.

4. Go down to the last of the page & toggle on the switch for Use with Ask Siri option. That’s it. Simple as that.

Please know you can use Siri for other music platforms on condition that Apple has the compatible virtual assistant for those as well. For that,

Now that we have activated Ask Siri on the device, let’s start giving commands to Siri for playing music. Just remember that you will need to include On/From Spotify at the end of every command you give. For example, “Hey Siri, play Frank Sinatra Songs on Spotify”.

Wrapping Up

Using Siri (your personal virtual assistant) makes your life easier as you won’t need to use the keypad in order to function. Just keep giving commands to Siri & it will help you from switching tracks to adjust the volume of the tracks you are playing.

Dig up the methods above to use Siri Shortcuts on Spotify & start playing the tracks on your voice command.

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