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Trending September 2023 # Excel Forms – Insert, Update And Delete # Suggested October 2023 # Top 15 Popular

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Carrying on with the Excel form I created in an earlier post, I’m adding code to allow us to insert new records into any row of the table (not just at the bottom of the table), delete records and update existing records.

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I’ve also added a spin button control to allow us to navigate up and down through the table. Beside this is a little display showing us which record we currently have selected, and the total number of records.

As you might expect, the new buttons do exactly what they say. I’ve changed the ‘Enter Expenses’ button to now read ‘Add’ so it’s function is distinct from the other buttons.

Form data validation is exactly the same as before and is used when adding, inserting or updating data.

When you open the form, the last record in the table is loaded into the form fields. If there are no records, the form is empty.

You can use the up and down buttons on the spin control to move up and down through the table. As you do so, the data for the current record is loaded into the form, the record is selected (highlighted) on the worksheet, and the number of the current record is shown at the top right of the form.

Modular Code

As more functionality was added to the form, it became necessary, that is, it became more efficient, to take parts of the code and place that code into a sub where it could be called as required.

One example of this is the PopulateForm() sub. This is called when the form is first displayed (initialized), and as you navigate up and down through the records. Rather than write exactly the same code twice, the PopulateForm() sub is called to load the current record’s data into the form.

Likewise with the information displayed at the top right of the form to show the current record and the total number of records in the table. The sub UpdateRecordDisplay() is called to change this every time a record is added, deleted, or we move up and down through the table.


After my earlier posts on forms a lot of people asked me to add the ability to insert, update and delete records. Now that is done, what other enhancements do you think would be good in the form?

Some ones that spring to my mind are:

Navigating up/down x records at a time, rather than one by one

Seek to a specific record

Searching for data

Filtering/sorting the table

Let me know your thoughts and why not have a go at coding some of these enhancements yourself? I’d love to see your results.

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