Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide To The List Of Avro Tools # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Complete Guide To The List Of Avro Tools # Suggested October 2023 # Top 9 Popular

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Introduction to Avro Tools

The Avro tool is defined as the ‘tool’ interface, and ‘avro-tools’ is the command-line interface used to execute that interface for assigning alongside the main. The user has utilized the command-line tools to read and write the Avro files. The tools are available in the ‘org.apache.avro.tool’ package, and various tools are available. As we know, Avro is a favored tool that can arrange data in Hadoop, which has a diagrammatic representation. Moreover, it does not depend on language, so Avro can read and write the operations.

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List of Avro Tools

1. compile

This tool has been creating the Java code for the given schema.


'Java -jar/path/to/avro-tools-1.11.0.jar compile schema'

2. concat

The Concat tool has worked for chaining the files, and there is no need for re-compressing so that it can concatenate the Avro files with the same and non-reserved schema.


'$ hadoop jar chúng tôi concat'

3. cat

The cat command has extracted the sample from the Avro data file.

'$ cat part.m.00000.avro' '$ cat departments.json', if we have specific department data

4. fragtojson

This tool has transformed the input file from Avro binary to JSON format.


'$ java -jar chúng tôi tojson'


5. fromjson

This tool can interpret JSON records and write the Avro data files; for this conversion, we have a command that can be used without compression.


$ java -jar chúng tôi fromjson


6. fromtext

This tool can help bring in a text file and convert it into an Avro data file.

7. getmeta

This tool can provide the metadata of an Avro data file and can also be used to scale the schema; it is not given the data in a structured format.


'$ hadoop jar chúng tôi getmeta'


8. getschema

This tool can provide the schema of the Avro data file and can be used to scale the schema; it gives data in a structured format.


$ hadoop jar chúng tôi getschema


9. idl

This tool can create a JSON schema from the avro idl file.


'$ chúng tôi idl'

10. induce

This tool has persuaded the schema from the Java class through reflection.

11. jsontofrag

This tool can supply a JSON-encoded avro datum as binary.

12. recodec

13. rpcprotocol

It provides the protocol of an RPC service.

14. rpcreceive

It helps to open the RPC server and pay attention to one message.

15. rpcsend

It can allow sending a single RPC message.

16. tether

It allows us to send a tethered MapReduce job; when we use its class, it allows us to create its constructor.

17. tojson

It can discard the Avro data file as JSON and track per line, which converts avro data into JSON format.


'$ avro-tools tojson part.m.00000.avro'


18. totext

It can allow transforming the Avro data file into a text file.


'$ avro-tools totext part.m.00000.avro'

We must use the document’s extension as it does not work well.

19. trevni_meta

It can discard the metadata of the trevni file as JSON.

20. trevni_random

It can create the trevni, which can have random schema instances.

21. trevni_tojson

22. DataFileRead

This tool has been used to read the data file and throw it to JSON; we can use a constructor in a class of it as with methods get and run.

23. DataFileReader

This tool has been allowed to retrieve data from untrustworthy Avro data files. We can able to create the constructor of it.

24. DataFileWrite

It has allowed the new line to establish the records and write the Avro data files and allows the use of the constructor.

25. IdlToSchemata

It provides data from the JSON of the protocol type via the IDL format; this tool can be extended, allowing to use of the constructor.

26. main

This tool will be a command-line driver, and in the Main class, we can use its constructor by importing chúng tôi package.

27. RecordCount

The RecordCountTool has been used for counting the records in any Avro file of folders; in a class of RecordCountTool, we allow creating the constructor of it.

28. SchemaFingerprint

It has been used to create the fingerprints from the schema; if we have created the class of it, then we have to extend this tool, and then we can create a constructor of it.

29. SchemaNormalization

This tool can work for transforming the Avro schema into its canonical format; we can generate its constructor, also.

30. SpecificCompiler

This tool has been used to compile the Avro protocol into the Java classes with the help of a particular compiler of the Avro; we can also use the constructor.

31. CreateRandomFile

This tool can allow generating a file that can be filled with the randomly created instances available in the schema; we can use its constructor.


In this article, we conclude that the Avro tools allow us to read and write, which can be arranged in serialized format, and the Avro tool provides the interface to read and write the file Avro provides, so this article will help to understand the concept of Avro tool.

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